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Rafi Walker is a name, a brand, a company, a melting pot of different cultures and views, values or all of them?

       First of all, we should focus on who is the brain behind the Rafi Walker idea and from there on we will be able to understand the concept behind this growing video production company, most of the time by analyzing the founder we are able to see on a deeper level and to understand the company we are going to explore: Rafael Tsukerman, for the friends Rafi, describes himself as a 25 years old kid, originally from Ukraine, Jew. With an academic background in marketing and computer science, after working in a high tech company in his country he decides to leave Ukraine for settling and studying Torah in Ohr Somayach Yeshiva, better known as the Tannenbaum College for Judaic Studies, located in Jerusalem, Israel; he has been wished there to reconnect with his Judaism, learning languages, and living in Israel; consequently Rafi finds a new opportunity of growth going to finish his studies in Touro college in America and eventually he resides in New York City. But after starting working in a corporate American world: unfortunately for him, even if the job was good and gave him the possibility to help others of different nationalities, soon he understood that the job for a different reason didn’t fit his bill and what is worst when you do something you don’t like? The job could be easily turned in a nightmare; From this on, he decides to focalize himself on a mission: using his camera to document his life and to capture videos about interesting people, places, social issues, and traveling.

I must admit, the idea behind the brand name Rafi Walker is fascinating:

     Rafi indeed is the Hebrew name of an angel, the healer, and Walker transmits the idea of walking around the world, finding the most interesting people, countries, places, ideas.

    Contrary on what people could think Rafi Walkeris not a business at all, but a global and universal friendship community: the founder says that in respect of the holy day of the Shabbat he doesn't work on the page on Saturdays; the goal is to make the page a global platform, fighting segregation, improving planet and visiting countries with different customs and beliefs. The idea that was born on pair with the different situations of difficulties, success, a personal goal that Rafael dealt with during his long experience from one continent to another one.

     To those who are questioning "How long are you going to do it?" Rafi believes in a theory:

“To become an expert in something you have to spend 10000 hours doing it”; he wants to transform it: His goal? Making 10000 minutes of videos from around the world; what he needs? He needs people, personal stories, the recommendation of ideas, places to visit or people to meet.

     The ideal situation continues Rafael, is “to build up a worldwide team with people sincerely inspired by the idea of a global world’s community, without borders and to widespread the idea of recording inspirational videos with other people who share the same interest as well.”

     After living in a different countries and switching continents respectively from Europe to the Middle East, Latin and North America at some point of time he realized that his national self-identity got lost, and he became a global citizen: his languages has been switched so many times that he doesn’t have a mother tongue anymore but instead accents in different languages, and the same criteria we do apply about his home country, he doesn’t have a home country anymore, he feels connected to the world, that’s why to whoever asks him where is he from he would have only one universal answer: from a place called planet earth.


- the article written by Gavriel Zurruk



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