How To Create a Killing Instagram Account?

   Let’s talk about you. You have your own online store and you want to build a solid target audience of future clients around your brand. You have a friend who is an artist and he or she just wants to create an account to stay in touch with his or her fans. Your uncle is the president of a non-profit organization and he doesn’t need to sell anything or talk to any fans, but as well as you or your friend he also wants to have a cool Instagram profile with a lot of followers, because he wants to create the presence of his brand. Three of them have the same goal, let’s talk now how to get it.

  1.   Think of your goal and your specific niche

•  Travelling, Sports, Food, Business, you name it. In order to make a great profile, you have to stick to your niche with related photos, captures, and hashtags.

2.   Learn from the best

•  Find accounts within your niche that have many followers 20k+ and great content. Analyze them. See how they style their bio, what and how often they post, what hashtags they use and based on it create your own, but similar style.

3.   Be consistent

•  Prepare 50 – 70 great photos in advance, before you start posting and choose your pace. Whatever works better for you, twice a week, once a day, three times a week, doesn’t matter. What matter is to stick to your pace. You followers will not like it if you do not post anything the whole week and then once of a sudden, you start posting 10 photos a day.

4.   Analysis

•  At the very first day switch your account to business mode. That will allow you to track the insights and statistics. Check it all the time. With a course of the time, it will help you to understand better what time is the best for posting, what pictures your followers like the most and who is your target audience.

5.  #Hashtags 

•  Make research of the right hashtags. It’s a highly effective tool to get noticed by new people. Find 20-30 most popular hashtags in your niche and mix them up from time to time. Instagram is case sensitive. If they see you using the same set of hashtags repeatedly they will simply stop showing your post to a new audience.

6.  Socialize

•  Engage with people. Instagram is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, that means to encourage you to communicate. Talk to people, start discussions in comments of your posts, follow people, like photos, comment, post interesting stories on a regular base, in other words, be an active member of the community.

I hope this article was useful for you. These six things you need to know about Instagram is not everything but it will definitely help you to get the ball rolling. Feel free to ask any questions or comment, I am always happy to help: 

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